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No More Daily Knee Brace*

Patient climbing stairs. Prolozone helped my knees

This is a voluntary recommendation to use Karima Redouan A.P.R.N.; a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner for Prolozone Therapy.

My name is Neal G. and I am a retired Family Practice Physician.  I have had long standing problems with my left knee.  I had a medical meniscal tear in my left knee in 2007.  The knee never did well after it was surgically trimmed.  In 2015, I had PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and stem cells injected into both knees.  The right knee was never a really big problem.  I feel the left knee improved about 50 to 60% then.  Since then, the left knee has progressively gotten more painful.  For a long time, I have had to wear an elastic knee brace on my left knee daily for support and some pain relief.  I learned about Prolozone Therapy by reading a newsletter called “Second Opinion” written by Dr. Frank Shallenberger.  LifeWorks Wellness Center was the only clinic in Florida offering Prolozone Therapy.

I made an appointment with Karima Redouan, A.P.R.N., a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  She is the one who does the Prolozone Therapy in this clinic.  I found this lady to be very kind and very knowledgeable about the treatment she performs.  She has a testimonial of her own about this particular treatment.  She was a soccer player during grade school, high school and into early adult life.  She destroyed her knees and states that since she has had Prolozone therapy on her knees, she no longer has any knee problems.  She is very good with her needles; she says she uses small needles.  I have found her to be a very good listener.  As she told me, be patient with treatment, because it will probably take more than one treatment to be effective.  I have committed to doing a minimum of 4 treatments on my left knee.  I am also having her treat my right knee.  It has bothered me some.  I want to get ahead of any potential of worsening problems with my right knee.

I have had significant improvement since starting my therapy.  I started noticing this after my second treatment.  I no longer need to wear my knee brace daily.  I can manipulate stairs, both up and down, much better.  I feel that having this treatment is much better than having to have an artificial knee.  There is not a mandatory physical therapy program to do and I don’t have an artificial joint that is a foreign object in my body.

The advantages of using this lady for your treatments are as follows:

  1. She is not only a good technician, but she has had the treatment used on herself
  2. She is a very kind person and a good listener
  3. She is being recommend by a retired physician who feels she is great.

Thank you, Karima!!!!

– Neal G.