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Craig’s Life Changing Adrenal Fatigue Success Story*

Lifeworks patient craig’s life changing adrenal fatigue success story

I will start by saying that what I say here is 100% true and honest. I say this because what I am about to say is so dramatic and life changing, the same as getting and being sick for the last number of years had been.

I was sick for about 10 years with the last 4 being debilitating to a point where I could not work and to a point where I could not read or comprehend numbers. I went from being a vibrant self-employed person to a person who could not remember my neighbor’s name. I had sticky notes everywhere. My family life and business suffered accordingly. I was beyond the point of desperation. At 51 years old, I felt like 95.

On January 5, 2016, I did my first visit with Dr. Minkoff. He quickly diagnosed me with having debilitating viruses and within two weeks, when he got the results back, diagnosed me with having what he called a destroyed adrenaline gland. The first 2 months showed limited improvement. Along the way, he also put me on a gluten free diet. The beginning of the 3rd month, I began to feel good and by the end of the 3rd month, I felt better than I have felt since 2004 which was the last time I remembered feeling good. Through that time, I went through more doctors than I can recall and was told there was nothing else I could be tested for. Although I have life challenges created by being sick, I now look forward to each day again. I have a new appreciation for life for sure.

Thanks to Dr. Minkoff and his staff for giving me back my life.

Craig. W.