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Extreme Tingling and Burning Sensations*

We offer alternative therapies for lupus

I want to share with everyone my experience with Dr. Minkoff. A year ago my health condition deteriorated in a way I could never imagine. My problems started with extreme digestive issues, dizziness, fevers, hot flashes, pain, extreme tingling in my extremities, burning sensations and sounds in my head. Worse came one night when I stopped being able to sleep. Over the weeks my mental health was compromised and deteriorated to the point that I had very deep depression. I thought I was going to die.

During this time I was seen by a local doctor but visit after visit didn’t help me at all. Even knowing I was suffering, he could not diagnose what was wrong or help me. He even sent me to have a MRI thinking I may have a brain tumor, not thinking that going through that for the first time was going to compromise my mental health even more. The MRI broke my nerves and my mental health got worse.

At this point, I heard about Dr. Minkoff and his great references. The day of my first visit, Dr. Minkoff evaluated me with his techniques which were new to me. When he finished I felt he knew what he was doing and he would find the problem.

Dr. Minkoff prescribed some alternative, natural supplements and he ordered some lab tests. He looked me in the eye and told me there was “hope”. You cannot imagine how powerful that word was at that moment. It was the first medicine I received.

After that, Dr. Minkoff monitored my health at my frequent visits during which he added and modified treatments as my health improved and I regained my self-confidence. He also put me on the Paleo diet and I lost 35lbs…

Ten months have passed since the first visit and I’m feeling alive again, able to enjoy my kids, my wife and friends. I’m feeling even better than before with less weight. I wanted to thank you so much, Dr. Minkoff, for saving my life and bringing me back to my family. Thank you my friend.

Ernesto. V.