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“Brain Fog & Fatigue = GONE”*

Our pacient received the correct lyme diagnosis at lifeworks

2017-2019 were two hellish years of my health unraveling.  Being on a health journey since 2009, I had done much of my own research – yet melanoma in 2019 was the last straw.  I needed a “next level” doctor and God led me to Dr. Minkoff and LifeWorks.  With about 8 pages of health history, Dr. Minkoff assimilated it all within the hour I first saw him.  I went to my car and sobbed.  All these years of struggle, someone who knew how to help me validated it ALL.  He discovered a lot of mold, Lyme and autoimmune disease.

I’m on treatment #10 of #12 – HOCATT, IV Therapy, PEMF, MAS MAT and AET.  ALL of them have been supporting and detoxifying my body in multiple ways.  Brain fog = GONE.  Underlying Fatigue = GONE.  BP = down to normal again and I expect even more to come!  Was able to decrease thyroid meds, which I hadn’t been really able to for many years – now on my lowest dose!  I’m always enamored with these treatment and how the body works, and Dr. Minkoff’s multi-layer/level approach has put me at rest and ease.  After all these years, I feel I’m in more than capable hands to continue to help me progress forward and sustain vitality.  I call Dr. Minkoff the “Next Level Ninja” of health! 😊  I’m truly grateful to him and the LifeWorks Staff!!

– Christi N.

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