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Video: I’ll Be Forever Grateful to Have My Life Back! Lyme Success

I'll be forever grateful to have my life back! Lyme success story

Dana recently came to see Dr. Minkoff for her annual checkup. She first came to LifeWorks four years ago and started treatment for Lyme disease and other ailments. She is working full-time and has her life back!

Hi, my name is Dana and I am from Arlington, Tennessee.

I’m a patient of Dr. Minkoff’s, I’ve been seeing him for about four years.

So this was my, I come to an annual checkup, so this is my annual checkup for this year and I just want to share a little bit about where I was and where I’m at now.

Dr. Minkoff and his staff has truly changed my life.

I was really sick for 18 to 20 years without a diagnosis, well I had plenty of diagnosis’s.

I had a lot of surgeries.

My main symptoms were pain,
fatigue and brain fog.

It is hard to explain unless you are in those shoes because unless you don’t,

unless you experience not having being able to think and having your brain fully there,

it’s hard to explain it but I truly was not functional.

I did not work, I was in bed a lot of the time and it was you know, again it was pain,
brain fog and fatigue.

So I, through the years I finally came to a doctor in, at home, and he diagnosed
me with Lyme disease.

And I was so desperate and I saw that ozone was a good treatment for that and I went to, I talked to him and he said I know this doctor in Florida and so that’s why I came just to see Dr. Minkoff.

And I will be forever grateful for that doctor as well for introducing me to him.

So anyway I came here, had all of my tests done. He found out everything that was wrong with me, Lyme being the, you know number one but I also had other parasites things that happen when you have Lyme because your immune system is so weak.

So everything all of those things were on board as well and he treated me, Dr. Minkoff treated me for all of that.

So I lived here for three months, I rented a room from a lady and I still come see her and I stay with her, so that’s awesome.

So anyway I lived here for three months, it took about six weeks for me to see a difference

and the fatigue was so bad,
I remember getting up, brushing my teeth,

teeth and I would have to sit on the bed
before I would get in the shower

and so anyway I went from that
to I remember the first time I was,

came back to the,
where I lived

and I wanted to go to the store and
I forgot to go to the store.

Before I had already changed, got in my PJs before I would have never gone back out.

I was like, yeah I’m gonna go to the store which that doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was a big deal for me .

So that’s when I first noticed it and then it was just, anyway I was great from there on.

I work now full-time, I have a full-time job and I also want to say

that it is very hard when you’re
so sick and you don’t look sick.

So, you it’s, it’s hard because people expect,
have expectations of you

and you don’t know why you can’t
do them you just know that you can’t do it,

you can’t function, you can’t think and so but I have a wonderful husband and son who has been so compassionate and all those years of me being sick, I’m forever grateful to them.

And let’s see what else I want to say.

So anyway I went from not living,
not exercising, just existing

to living I exercise now, I’m walking
three to six miles five days a week.

I am, my son’s about to get married, I’m planning a wedding and things I could have never dreamed of doing before.

So I am just forever
grateful for all the staff, for Dr. Minkoff, for his heart to help others to really get others well.

I will be forever grateful,
thank you.

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