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Cleared of all Lyme*

A lyme disease causing tick. We offer lyme disease treatments

I haven’t felt well for several years. My family doctor ordered bloodwork 2 x and nothing abnormal showed up. So I was ordered to go home and exercise and lose weight! I continued declining – finally went to a local wellness center in OH where a licensed nutritionist drew blood and looked at it under a microscope – Lyme showed up! I was treated and for several months improved – but plateaued and didn’t improve. I searched online for treatment centers and specifically looked for one in Florida since we own a home there. We prayed for direction and the Lord led us to LifeWorks!

What a great experience. Dr. Minkoff is brilliant and has a great staff. Not one bad experience! I’ve been cleared of all Lyme and my co-infections! If you follow Dr. Minkoff’s orders you will improve. I’m still in recovery mode to gain strength and get to normal life functioning.

I’d recommend anyone to go.
Edward Y.