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Video: Parkinson’s Disease & Chronic Fatigue Treatment Success

Bruce discusses his chronic fatigue and parkinson's treatment success.

Bruce was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease almost two years ago. He found LifeWorks online when searching for alternative treatments. He’s been receiving treatment for Parkinson’s and Chronic Fatigue and has seen great improvement in his health.

I’m Bruce Diesner and I’m from Cottondale, Florida, that’s up in the panhandle of Florida.

On the internet, researching around looking for alternative treatments and this always came up as a top spot here for unconventional treatments or not the conventional treatments.

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a year and a half – two years ago and a neurologist said you know I had this Parkinson’s disease and there’s everybody struggles a little bit differently with it, has different issues and all, but I liked looking at the doctor here. The videos that he had on your health and on getting well and letting them take a look at you that really appealed to me. And I like the way he presented himself. I think he’s a gifted man there. He’s really been blessed with the talent to help people heal and he accomplishes that through his employees here and they’re all special. Everyone makes you feel like family.

Each day is better and better. I came here mainly because of chronic fatigue. I never had such fatigue in my life like I had. I couldn’t do anything and we’ve been here finishing up eight weeks now and it’s gotten… just this last week it’s gotten… each day’s gotten better. I’ve gotten stronger, don’t hurt, the insides feel good. It’s really been special and it’s because of these special people here with Dr. Minkoff and his family, his extended work family.

I would recommend LifeWorks to anybody that has ailments or that that’s got some issues there and they’re not getting help they need from their regular doctors, they’re not able to go any further. I would highly recommend them to come give them a call here and talk to them, they’re a special group of people.