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HBOT: Increased My Energy and Activity!

A happy elderly man who has received hbot therapy, which improved his energy and activity levels!

I came to the center in a weakened condition physically, history of Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2) for years, with burning sensation all night long, highly sensitive feet and legs with difficulty standing or walking for more than 15 minutes, brain fog, fatigue and decreased vision.

After just a few weeks of 5 x a week HBOT Therapy I feel a great improvement in energy, active all day into the evening and able to do all normal activities.

I am on a balanced nutritional support program and keeping hydrated provided improved vision clarity and focus in reading.

I highly recommend this program… it has given me a new attitude of positivity and excitement to creates a dynamic and active FUTURE!

Thanks to Dr. David and Sue (RN) Minkoff and all your amazing team for your support, expertise and unwavering commitment, and professional, caring care!!! You inspire hope for all and answers to conditions for life renewal and return to meaningful function!!

Blessings to you all!!!