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Lyme Disease Improvement in 4 Short Weeks!

Happy elderly man who recovered from lyme disease in just 4 weeks

I am in my fourth week of treatment for Lyme Disease. Frankly I am amazed how the treatments have improved my condition in such a short period of time. The majority of my treatments involve HBOT 3 times a week, HOCATT 2-3 times per week, MAS 3 times per week and IV therapy 3 times per week. I now know the personnel and the procedures quite well and they go very smoothly.

The personnel, with few exceptions, are caring, jovial and considerate. I’m old and they are very tolerant of us old folks. However, I have nicknamed several of them (with their permission) so I can remember them better through word association. Long gone are the Jim’s, John’s and Tom, Dick and Harry.
“A great bunch of kids”.


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