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Gut Handling Resolving Many Issues*

Leaky gut success story. Gut handling resolved many issues for this lifeworks patient

I am an active person with usually no medical issues to speak of. If something started to kick in, like a cold or flu, I used to be able to knock it out in the same day. However, for some years I was having some difficulties like recurrent bronchitis. Last spring I had a mysterious rash. One of my biggest complaints – pain in my shoulders limiting some motions was, however, improving, with one should pain-free again. We had moved the previous Fall and I had packed and lugged boxes down the stairs, etc. I was happy with the fact that my body was improving, strengthening and becoming more mobile.

So at the beginning of last year I had this routine physical and all my usual blood, urine, etc. tests came back fine. As part of this exam, I had a bone density test for the first time (at age 59). When I got the bone density test results back showing I had osteoporosis, I was really shocked. It made no sense as I could feel my body was improving noticeably. The Dr. put me on the once-a-week osteo pill. But I noticed routinely by mid-week something was not right in my body. I stopped the pill. When I asked her about the rash, she had no idea what it was and didn’t bother to investigate it further. I went to my dermatologist who ordered a blood test and when that came back he was talking about the rash looking like lupus.

Like I said, my body runs pretty trouble-free and that I was having this much going on with it, and serious stuff, was so out of character. And on top of it, I now felt freaked out about it. So at this point I was done with the whole situation.

I had gone to Dr. Minkoff years ago (when I was here for a short stay) to check out mysterious chronic pain I was having. In very little time he nailed down what it was and that was, literally, the end of it. I was pretty impressed.

So when all this stuff was coming up with my body, I decided to go with a past successful action. I went to see Dr. Minkoff about it all.

He ordered a ton of tests – far more comprehensive than my doctor ordered. He complimented it with muscle testing which pleased me, because I feel muscle testing on its own is a limited view. His test came up with all kinds of goodies to address. None of these things showed up in my regular doctor’s tests and she was willing to call me healthy based on them. Hmmmm.

The other thing that impressed me was that Dr. Minkoff’s independent test findings and diagnosis coincided with the dermatologist’s. It’s comforting to have one consistent diagnosis as opposed to many different “reasons” and then you don’t know what’s the right thing to do.

Dr. Minkoff started handling my leaky gut – which is a reason to have lupus symptoms. Despite my main concern being my bones and being now in the mindset that my bones could start breaking on me any time for the slightest reason (i.e. I was freaked out about the osteo diagnosis) I really liked the idea of handling my gut first. This was something that I had wanted to do for decades and just never did. So I started on the paleo diet, exercises, a whole bunch of gut supplements, regular supplements, adrenal supplements and something for my bones. It was a lot, but I figured out a routine and was actually quite proud of myself for being able to do it in a sane, orderly fashion. It proved very successful.

I felt so much better. I am not even 5 feet tall and have small bones. While on the paleo diet I dropped 17 pounds – a lot for my small frame – without even dieting. I just ate the diet. I regained my waistline, was able to breathe easier and fuller, and had so much energy! I thought this sudden and extreme burst of energy would last for only a few days. Well, 2 months later I was still bopping around like the pink bunny. I must admit that that surge finally did even out, and I now feel like I have consistent energy and stamina that I haven’t had for I don’t know how long.

Shortly after starting this handling, I wasn’t freaked about my bones anymore. As a matter of fact I went back to my routine life and recently really started to work the body and it’s doing just fine. I want to say that I felt the gut handling was the correct thing to do first, because if I couldn’t properly digest food then I wouldn’t be able to properly assimilate the bone handling supplements. As a result of this first step, the other body issues started to recede like my flaky skin on my forehead and I haven’t had any bronchitis symptoms at all since starting this program last June.

Now that the gut handling is done, I am ready to concentrate on more handlings on my bones.

Recently, I started doing some study on the body and how it works and I now understand how these handlings I did fixed the bronchitis and skin problems as well.

I want to express the following opinions:

First of all, I noticed that I could feel the difference and results from taking the exact supplements that Dr. Minkoff recommended. I thought I was getting results from the supplements I used to take, but for the most part I didn’t notice anything – and didn’t think I was supposed to notice anything. But I could tell that Dr. Minkoff’s choices were being effective in my body. It made me realize how poor quality a lot of things are out there and I am impressed with the integrity with which the doctor chose his products. A lot of doctors have their “line” that they push. Not so here. There is a variety of producers used – whoever does the best job on each product is the one chosen.

The other thing I’d like to say is that I think Dr. Minkoff is actually quite brilliant in his understanding of the body and is very sane about how to deal with its difficulties. He runs my program in an orderly, consistent sequence and when I find some information from some other source, I have always found Dr. Minkoff’s to be in alignment with it. I really like that he uses the wisdom from conventional medicine along with the gems that alternative medicine has to offer, but he sticks to what he observes is going on with that body in front of him. I get the idea that he has done a lot of sitting through “all that’s out there” to distill and use the logic in this field for the purposes of real and effective handlings. I feel confident that all will get sorted out sensibly for me and I feel like I’m in very good hands.

I really appreciate all that he has done for me

Cyndy N.

Dr. Minkoff,

Thank you so much for your compassions, generosity and for LifeWorks! I honestly don’t know what would have happened without the options of alternative care that you provide and I am so grateful for finding you and your facility!