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Dementia & Confusion Caused by Lyme, Mold & Heavy Metals

Our patient received dementia treatment that helped her become more lucid

My mom came to LifeWorks to address symptoms related to dementia – confusion, loss of memory, agitation and anxiety.

Her test results indicated Lyme, parasites, mold, high lead and cadmium and nutritional deficiencies.

It was recommended to have 6 teeth extracted and her therapy consists of supplementation along with IV, HOCATTNanoVi and AET.

She progressed slowly until the day her teeth were extracted.

The same day the lead and cadmium were addressed by Joel with AET.

It has only been 9 days since both were done, but she is more engaging in conversation.

She is using different and more accurate words to describe her health and well-being.

I always give her advanced warning of upcoming changes.

She actually remembered what was discussed more than 24 hours later.

She was more lucid for more than 36 hours and we engaged in good conversation during that time.

My mom has made more advancement in 9 days following her dental work and AET treatment than the preceding 5 weeks.

I believe the earlier treatment helped lay the foundation for the remarkable changes we are now seeing since all dental work is complete and the AET treatment.

Michaelene Duncan

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