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Meridian Health Analysis*

Lifeworks patient receiving the meridian health analysis

“I am very impressed with the diagnostic abilities of the Meridian Health Analysis! It is very simple, but incredibly effective. I feel like we are really getting to the actual SOURCE of my difficulties. I feel that we are treating the CAUSE not just the symptoms.

I feel like there is really HOPE for not only myself, but for other people even with very complex health problems. The treatment I have done so far with Homeopathics has been challenging but it is yielding results. A side benefit is that I am growing hair on my head where I have been bald for the last 20 years! Considering I have frequently gone to bed not knowing if I would wake up in the morning, this is a very promising result for me. I think mercury poisoning has caused a large part of my problem. LifeWorks is definitely at the front of technology in regard to solving health problems for mankind. For now I am going to continue my treatment and look forward to the day when I can call myself healthy again.” – N.G.

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Meridian health analysis

Meridian Health Analysis

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