Meridian Health Analysis

Meridian health analysis

Within our bodies is a communication network called the autonomic nervous system. This nervous system coordinates all of the involuntary processes in the body such as digestion, elimination, heartbeat, blood pressure, body pH, respiration, etc. The pathways of the autonomic nervous system were known to Chinese physicians as early as 500 AD. They called them “meridians.” These meridians travel over very distinct routes. Each of the 12 meridians originates from the skin surface on either the hands or feet. These origination points are actually the acupuncture points that can be treated by an acupuncture physician.

It was discovered that if one runs a tiny electrical current into one of these points one can measure if the nerve channel is conducting energy at a normal level or not. When the meridian is healthy, it conducts at a level of about 50 on the measuring device. If the conduction is too slow it will measure longer (in the 60-90 range), This may indicate that the pathway has degenerated. If the measurement is too fast (30-40) it means that the pathway is showing signs of inflammation. For example, the stomach meridian includes the “stomach teeth” (molars in the upper jaw and premolars in the lower jaw), the thyroid gland, the breasts, the stomach and the ovaries along its pathway. An abnormal reading can often be tied to a problem in one of these areas. Thus the meridians can be an indicator of the health of the organs along that pathway. We can use this information to improve the nutrition of those organs and improve their function. This is the basis of Meridian Health Analysis.

Dr. Springer Describes the Meridian Health Analysis

The MHA device can also suggest what homeopathic or herbal remedies may be helpful in improving the electrical flow along the meridian. It can also help the practitioner in finding what substances the patient may be allergic to.

While not generally recognized by the traditional medical community, the MHA was developed for use by holistic physicians to measure energy changes so it may pick up a non-optimum health situation before there is actual structural damage. It has also been shown to detect imbalances in the body before they manifest themselves in the form of physical ailments. This can allow you to address an area of imbalance and head off the potential illness, which could result in potentially lengthy medical treatment and expenses.

What Can I Expect During an MHA?

When you visit our Clearwater clinic, you will be seated comfortably in an examination room while the practitioner obtains information about your body by touching specific points on your hands and feet with a pen-like instrument. It is a painless procedure and can be done on adults and children.

Remedy Testing

Once a “non-optimal” point has been found, testing for a remedy to balance that point and bring it back to a normal energy reading is done.

This allows for determining the proper remedy and dosage without the remedy actually being ingested. This process can also be used to test for the presence of contaminants and allergies in the body.

Remedy testing can be used to test any medicine or supplement administered to patients including allopathic, homeopathic, nutritional and herbal medicines.

One will often find that a remedy that balances one point will balance others as well. It would be optimal to find one remedy that would adequately balance all unbalanced points. Nonetheless, the goal is to prescribe as few remedies for the patient as possible.

How Long Does a Meridian Health Analysis Take?

On average, it takes 1 hour, depending on what areas are being look at.

How Do I Prepare For the MHA?

You should eat a high protein meal before coming and have gotten a good night’s rest. You should also make sure you have washed your hands and feet (don’t apply lotion of any kind before the test).

What Can I Expect After the MHA?

Once the test is completed a report will be generated and sent to your LifeWorks practitioner to review. An appointment will then be made for you to meet with the Doctor to review your test results, at which time, you will undergo any indicated medical testing and then you will receive a health program tailored to your specific health needs.

LifeWorks Wellness Center has a highly experienced MHA technician who can do your test professionally and a team of physicians to implement the program it suggests to help you improve your health. To find out more information or to schedule an appointmentcall the New Patient Scheduler at 727.466.6789.

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