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Hi Dr. Minkoff

Well, D came down to talk with me today about his visit with you.  I must say he was so so impressed, he talked all about you and your staff for well over 30 minutes.  He explained everything you found off with him and his wife.  He was very impressed and found you very intelligent, compassionate and caring. Everything I told him about you. 

I am so happy and excited he was thrilled with their visit and the results.  He mentioned that his wife asked numerous questions and you were very patient with her and answered all her questions.

He mentioned you suggested the Paleo diet, he asked me about it, I told him I would help him with it.  I reminded him this is great, especially with his wife’s past medical history.

He said he didn’t realize everything that was going on with him, I told him to follow what you have to say and the both of them will be feeling better than they ever thought they would.  He did say he does not believe in traditional medicine, they too have had bad experiences with his wife’s cancer, chemo/radiation, what a shame we all have/had to learn the hard way.

All I can say is, they were so impressed.  Another one won over.

I will keep going helping others in memory of Gary, and thankful for my daughter being alive and for YOU!!

Thank you for being YOU!!
Love, M.

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