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Happy patient after having received the heavy metal detoxification treatment at lifeworks

“I am a 77 year old male now thankfully in excellent health. Two years ago, however, several health concerns led me to turn to LifeWorks for help. Among these were: (1) seriously flagging energy levels that were negatively affecting my ability to work (I am a computer scientist still active in the field); (2) several recent episodes of atrial fibrillation which required hospitalization; and (3) a recent diagnostic of a precancerous prostate condition. Turning to alternative medicine was new for me but I was less than content with the help I had been receiving from medical doctors, and I had witnessed how LifeWorks’ care had much improved the health of several of my acquaintances. So I decided to give this a try.

To say the least I am very glad I did. An astute diagnosis and subsequent treatment (chiefly homeopathic medicines and natural supplements) has led to greatly improved health and vigor.

Among the beneficial effects have been:

  1. Cure of several severe allergies (to chocolate and alcohol). Needless to say this in itself was a great (and unforeseen) boon.
  2. Vastly improved energy levels, positively affecting my professional life.
  3. Cured inflammation of unsightly tiny red capillaries on my nose. Interestingly I had not thought to ask my doctor to address this condition (which had been getting more pronounced over the years). Several other members of my family had this condition and I assumed it was genetic. But, most unexpectedly, the red capillaries on my nose just went away, as a bonus by-product, I must assume, of the treatment I was receiving I don’t know the technical name for this condition, but likely it is a form of vascular inflammation. And if so, its cure suggests that inflammation elsewhere in my body may also have been cured—fundamental to disease prevention.
  4. No repeat of atrial fibrillation (despite my own unilateral decision to stop taking the prescription drugs (Rythmol, Coumadin).recommended by my cardiologist
  5. Precancerous prostate condition has not progressed, and for all I know the odds for cancer may have diminished.

There are doubtless a number of technical improvements having to do with blood chemistry and the like that my doctor has addressed more fundamentally, about which I can’t speak about with any intelligence but which account for my general good health. What I can attest to is what I see when I look in the mirror, or how I feel at the end of a hard day at work, and the pleasure I can now take in a good glass of wine.

By now I trust you realize how blessed I feel I have been by the healing ministrations of this good doctor.”

Bud S.

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