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Recovering from a Major Condition*

Happy elderly patient after having recovered from a terminal condition

“I had a medical condition which was usually terminal in 2-4 years and there was nothing that medical science could do about it except slow its course (or transplant lungs). I required continual supplemental oxygen.

From a friend I heard that Dr. David Minkoff has had success in getting the body to heal back damaged portions.  I then went to him and began receiving a series of treatments.

This was different from the earlier medical doctors I had seen who prescribed drugs that would make me feel better or breath more easily, but nothing that addressed curing the condition.  Instead with Dr. Minkoff, I received a series of lab tests and non traditional (this country anyway) testing that found a series of things wrong with my body.  For example, my thyroid level was way, way low – enough to create all manner of body conditions.  As the most major things wrong were addressed, further conditions were then found and addressed.  The treatments were specifically geared to what was wrong with my body.

The upshot of all this was that my condition started to improve, slowly but surely.  A report from a pulmonology specialist confirmed the improvements. I no longer need supplemental oxygen for routine activities, I’ve gone back to work and my life is returning to normal.

Thank you Dr. Minkoff.” – Ben A.