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Woman using an inhaler to relieve her asthma symptoms. .

Let me just start by saying I feel amazing! When I first came to LifeWorks I felt sluggish, stuffy, my lungs were tight and I was doing asthma breathing treatments 2-4 times a day just to breath normally! I came to LifeWorks and they immediately found a huge problem.  I switched my diet and started taking the supplements they recommended. A couple of weeks later, I noticed I didn’t have to rely on my nebulizer to help me breathe that day. It’s now been 6 weeks! No breathing treatment and I feel outstanding. Let me tell you when you can’t breathe it frustrates you and really makes you want to give up. I am so thankful I found LifeWorks. I literally feel like a new person. Thank you so much!  Arron. M.