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Chelsea’s IV Testimonial

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The IV-room, where needles are the norm and blood bags tower high, you’ll find the most professional and kind care-takers – Neionie, Angel, Wanda, and Michaela!

For weeks now, I’ve gotten to know this amazing staff as I have watched them care for my husband, and I can tell that the reason they all do their jobs so well is because they care so much! If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting my husband, you’ll know that he likes to joke around…well Neionie doesn’t skip a beat! She is the perfect blend of personality and professionalism! Angel has an amazing attitude and is extremely hard-working! Michaela knows her job backwards and forwards! Wanda, with her beautiful hair, is so sweet with her patients!

I am so grateful for the care that has been given to my husband!

Thank you all!

Chelsea. S.