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Allergy Elimination Technique*

Our patient roger’s pemf testimonial

My Allergy Elimination treatments will forever change my life. I have lived for 39 years completely dominated by my allergies and anaphylaxis. The “bubble” I survived in kept getting smaller and smaller before I came to LifeWorks. I was becoming allergic to life itself and not a single day went by without something entering my environment causing me to react. I have left several jobs because I became allergic to renovations in the buildings. That is why when the renovations began at LifeWorks absolute fear hit me – would I have to stop these life-saving treatments because of my allergies?

Thanks to AET and Lisa, the answer to that question is NO. Immediately she started treating me for my latex allergy. Before, even walking into a room that had been painted with latex paint 3 months before elicited an allergic reaction in me. The first day of treatment was excruciating to the point of waking up with a swollen mouth and choking – all from holding a vial of latex frequency. Five treatments later, as this was a stubborn allergy, I am now able to hold a latex glove with no reaction!

This has made such a huge difference to my life. I no longer have to rush away from places displaying the sign “wet paint”. I can actually stand in a store and admire a balloon bouquet. To live without this fear is truly a miracle and something I never thought I would experience.

Now we will work on the countless food and other allergies which will open up am entire world for me. I am so excited. Plus as we treat each allergy, the supplements and IVs necessary to conquer my chronic Lyme disease will be possible. I am looking forward to the day when I am both allergy free and Lyme free.

The next AET for me will address my water allergy – no more dragging around bottles of one specific brand to drink and cook with. My life is being saved by these treatments and Iam so grateful to Lisa for not only performing these treatments but for also being the bright and positive spirit that she is, making the entire process so much easier for me to endure. With her help, my “bubble” world is finally opening up and this is one bubble I do not mind bursting!