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I am Starting to Feel “Alive” Once Again!*

A middle aged woman walking along the shore, happy for having recovered from the disease that made her suffer

Well, it’s been a very long road, but after finally finding LifeWorks – “Yes” – not only did I find hope but actual real improvement! Gradually my legs have released. I am walking with so much less pain and moving more freely! I am starting to feel “Alive” again after 8 years of countless doctors, the Mayo clinic and the Cleveland clinic finding nothing wrong. After falling to fracture my hip, being a very active sailor, I knew there just was something the matter!

I am indeed grateful for finding LifeWorks! I feel confident I will be “skipping” again real soon!

PS: forgot to mention, probably the most important part! The very competent staff of the IV room have been wonderful… thank you.

Joanna. M.