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Young woman who benefited from the peanut allergy elimination technique

Using a pain-free combination of Eastern and Western medicine, Allergy Elimination Technique is designed to eliminate allergies and sensitivities. Many people have been quickly relieved of allergic reactions caused by exposure to animals, foods, and numerous environmental elements.

Patient Testimonials

“I used to be extremely allergic to peanuts. If I ate them by accident, they made me very sick. I was treated for peanut allergy just once, several months ago. Afterwards, I continued to avoid peanuts as a precaution. A few days ago, I ate some peanuts by accident. As soon as I realized it, I figured I was going to be sick as usual. Instead, I didn’t feel a single symptom! Incredible.” – M.R.

“Before starting Allergy Elimination Therapy a few weeks ago I had major food allergies. I tried everything. The best I could do was to avoid the foods that created a reaction. I thought I would just have to cope the rest of my life. I heard about Allergy Elimination Therapy and was real skeptical. Dr. Minkoff gave me a program that included Allergy Elimination Therapy as part of the treatment. I decided to do it and follow it exactly. The results I had were staggering. I couldn’t believe it. Before Allergy Elimination Therapy if I would eat even just a little chocolate, coffee, or any kind of caffeine, I would get a rash all over my face, my eyes would swell shut and it would take me about one week to recover from this reaction. I did the basic ten treatments and added chocolate, coffee and caffeine in. Then I gave it a shot. I very pensively ate some chocolate and had half a cup of coffee. I had no reaction. I was in shock. It has been years since I could do this. I have tried it several times since then and still no reaction. My daughters all have similar allergies to food. They have started the program as well. The results are amazing. I really did think I would have to live the rest of my life like that, I am so glad I don’t have to. Not having food allergies is one more freedom I can have back.” – Q.M.

“I started on Allergy Elimination Therapy about a month ago. Since then I’ve started feeling alive, really alive for the first time in 20 years. Nothing has ever gotten rid of my migraines so fast.” B.K.

“After my Allergy Elimination Therapy treatment for an allergy to the mercury in my fillings, I found that my vision and hearing were clearer. After a treatment for wheat, I found I could read much better without my readingglasses. When I got treated for a corn allergy, my left ear that was usually blocked up got much better. Thanks so much!” – D.P.

“It’s so great to be able to sleep at night. After six allergy treatments, I wake up feeling alert and energized, without taking supplements for strength and energy. I didn’t know getting rid of allergies could be so easy.” – T.B.

“These treatments are really working, there is nothing superficial about them at all. I am feeling 100% better, and having virtually no trouble with foods and life situations.”

“My energy has improved and so has my sleep. I would recommend AET to anyone with sensitivities to anything at all. Relief is fun!” Ron. B

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