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Ed’s LifeWorks Success Story*

Ed’s lifeworks success story

Ever since I started here with Dr. Minkoff, my health has soared to new heights on a daily basis, to a point where pretty much every outpoint of my body has disappeared magically as snow in the hot sun!

At the same time I have drastically changed my diet for the better, no more sugar, no more processed foods, only organic – freshly prepared. I am also faithfully taking all prescribed supplements.

As a result all tiredness during the day has now disappeared and little pains and bodily discomfort have vanished.

It feels like my body is healing itself in a very rapid pace. I feel younger, more energetic and much happier than before.

Thank you, all the LifeWorks staff.

Thank you Dr. Minkoff.


*Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient’s medical history and other factors.