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Getting Off Anti-Depressants*

Happy patient, after receiving natural therapies that helped her get off anti depressants

I came to LifeWorks a year ago to get a Meyer’s Cocktail and after learning from Tamora what they do at the clinic, I decided that this is the place the universe wanted me to be.

I had been suffering from a long list of health issues, the most difficult being anxiety, panic attacks and depression. During my first consultation he took all the time I needed t tell my story and he told me how to heal.

It had been a long road getting here, with years of seeing countless doctors with no answers other than “take this pharmaceutical and good luck”.

At LifeWorks, I finally found a place of healing and somewhere that could put all the pieces of my puzzling story together. This is a place that is saving my life.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone at the center for your loving and caring ways.

H. M.

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