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Leaky Gut Syndrome*

Cute little boy in need of gastrointestinal treatment tampa.

My grandson, Jackson Thomas was born just before Thanksgiving in 2002 in Portland , Oregon . He was a healthy 8 1/2 lbs and of course, totally adorable. He was breastfed and slept soundly. My daughter continued to breastfeed him until he was almost a year old, however when she went back to work at 3 months, he was supplemented with soy infant formula. His mom chose soy, because it is less likely than regular cow milk formula to cause allergic reactions.

Jackson continued to grow and thrive. He was always a healthy weight and went through the normal baby milestones. Unfortunately, on the downside he developed ear infections, nasal congestion and coughs often. He would awaken at night several times, crying or screaming because the congestion would not allow him to sleep soundly.

He was put on antibiotics several times before he was two years old. He had just turned two, when he had his tonsils removed to cure his constant nasal congestion and sore throats. The surgery did not cure anything and the symptoms continued unabated. As the grandma, I was puzzled. It was an odd combination, Jackson looks and acts quite healthy, however he is constantly sick. I was questioning how he could possibly have so many bacterial infections. Jackson himself started saying he had a “breathing problem”, which led us to believe he was having trouble breathing deeply, even when there were no other symptoms.

When he was 3 the pediatrician put little Jackson on antibiotics for a solid 50 days. The theory was to wipe out all the bacteria in his body and cilia in his nose, so his body could start all over again with new growth. When that didn’t work the pediatrician was convinced that Jackson was asthmatic and will have to deal with this problem throughout his childhood, if not his whole life. The other possibility was a severe food allergy. However, my daughter didn’t want to put Jackson through the painful needles testing. And if they did find allergies to his basic foods, like eggs and cheese, what would they feed the kid? Everyone was getting worried and confused.

When Jackson was 4, my daughter and I decided I should take Jackson to see my doctor. Dr. Springer has been trained in both Eastern and Western medicine and has his doctorate in Naturopathy. We were hoping he would find something the pediatrician had overlooked. Even though Dr. Springer is not a pediatrician, he cares for children on a regular basis.

When we arrived at the office, Dr. Springer put Jackson at ease right away by telling him “nothing painful happens in this office”. Dr. Springer, using muscle testing (no needles) found that Jackson had a great number of allergies to the foods he ate regularly including, soy, eggs, dairy, wheat, bananas, tomato sauce and peanut butter.

Using acupressure (again no needle) Dr. Springer was able to block the food allergies. Jackson was instructed to not eat any of the offending foods for 7 days, while his body worked through the changes, then he could go back to the foods, although he should stay away from soy. Jackson was also instructed to take a number of supplements to rebuild the good bacteria which was destroyed by the antibiotics.

Within two weeks Jackson was feeling great! He now eats the foods, which previously caused him such pain and illness, without any ill effect. Jackson ‘s breathing problem, sore throat and cough are finally cured. Conventional medicine worked on Jackson for 4 years, including surgery without success.

Dr. Springer helped my grandson become a healthy child in a few visits, which makes us all very happy. – PM

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