Specialty Treatments & Services Testimonials

Pulsed Energy Therapy (PEMF)*

“The Pulsed Energy Therapy offered at LifeWorks is amazing. My ankles were very swollen from an injury. They were very painful to walk on, stand on and even touch. Over a few days, the swelling and accompanying pain got worse. I tried taking many things and they (ankles) did not improve much.

After one and only one session of Pulsed Energy Therapy (PEMF) to my ankle area, recommended by Dr. Minkoff– there was a huge difference! I went to the store following treatment and I could actually walk on my ankles with NO pain. It was amazing. I went from having so much pain and discomfort walking and applying pressure on my ankles to no pain at all. This was all within an hour or two.

Post-treatment my ankles seemed to heal much quicker and that pain that was so intense did not return. I really believe this treatment is revolutionary and could truly help and benefit those receiving it. It obviously has great healing potential, offering restoration and aid to damaged or inflamed structures. Again, the results were absolutely amazing!” M.W.