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AET Handled Colleen’s Vitamin C Allergy*

Colleen's vitamin c allergy is negative after aet.

I have been allergic to Vitamin C ascorbic acid, citrus acid, malic acid any other acid you can think of.

This allergy seems to be of a genetic origin as my mother, all her siblings, myself, all my siblings, and all of our children, all have the same problem.

I was very skeptical about AET being successful.

However, that was not the case.

After being treated for a reaction to Vitamin C, and waiting the 25 hour period, my negative reaction to Vitamin C and acid have completely disappeared.

No hives, no sores, no upset stomach, no negative symptoms at all!

I am now a believer of AET and can’t wit to tell my family about it.

Thank you Savi, for your proficiency and gentle care.

I can now have Vitamin C in my IV treatments.


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