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Thank For Treatment & Wonderful Bedside Manner

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

Before I was referred to your clinic I tried to find an alternative physician who would address all the medical issues I have had since 1980.

I continued to seek help but my state of health deteriorated quickly, but not as fast as the state of my finances.

My dentist, Dr. Behm referred me to your center to check if the metals in my mouth were the cause of my cardiac problems. After your initial evaluation, I knew I was finally in the right place. I diligently followed your instructions and not only lost weight, gained strength but cardio function increased remarkably.

I want to tell you that your staff has been incredible. Their professionalism and skills in their own fields were shown each and every time I was addressed by them. What impressed me the most was their bedside manner which put me at ease.

I had the great fortune of spending time with Mary Pat during my 35 EECP treatments. She gave me what I consider a “degree” in humanity during those 6 weeks. What I learned from her I will apply in my daily living and will share with others. I wish that all your clients attending this clinic would have the opportunity to spend some time with her as well.

My sincere thanks for treating my whole body and making me well. I look forward to returning periodically to maintain my health.




Thanks for Saving My Life!

I came to LifeWorks Wellness Center on November 21, 2011. I was boarder line diabetic, overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and two plugged arteries around the heart.

I spent one hour a day on EECP treatments and had 30 chelation IVs. I got so much stronger and my eyesight became much clearer. I would like to say the staff are incredible. Their professional skills in their own fields were shown each and every time I was addressed by them.

I also had great fortune to spend time with Mary Pat during my 35 EECP treatments and she taught me a lot about the Paleo diet and smoothies.

My sincere thanks for treating my whole body, making me well and saving my life.




Feeling Like a New Person!

“Thanks to all the great staff at LifeWorks. I’ve been coming here for 3 years and have improved my health with every visit.

I came in on 4/9/13 barely able to hold my head up. The staff rushed in and figured out what was needed and after a couple of IVs – Myers’ Cocktail and MAH, I’m like a new person. Thanks.”



Scheduling Thank You

“Thank-you so much for getting me the appointment on the 21st and then giving me an earlier appointment time! WOW, talk about amazing. Because of your efforts we made our flight home. Happy Holidays.”



Thank You for Listening!

Dear Tamora,

Thank you so much for your support. Thank you for being there for me today when I just really needed someone to talk to. You were so wonderful. Thank you for everything. You are amazing!