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Podcast: Are You Getting Enough Amino Acids?

Amino acid discussion on dr. Joy kong's podcast

In this video, Dr. Minkoff discusses Amino Acids on the Dr. Joy Kong Podcast.

Dr. Joy Kong is a triple board-certified physican who embraces practicing medicine in a holistic, comprehensive and personalized manner, and focus on treating the fundamental causes that impact health, not just symptoms of illnesses.

The Amino Acids Discussion

In this podcast:

  • How Dr. Minkoff began his journey away from conventional medicine
  • Why people are deficient in essential amino acids
  • The effect of improper nutritional intake, gut dysbiosis & antacid use in our body
  • Can you miss essential amino acid in your diet, even if you are eating a high protein diet?
  • How to meet your essential amino acid needs easily and conveniently
Amino acids podcast