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How to Achieve Optimal Health

Medical health institute roundtable

In this 6-part, roundtable discussion Dr. Minkoff speaks with Dr. Ruby Eberwein, and Medical Health Institute founders Michael and Carlos Bertonatti about how to optimize your health in today’s toxic environment.

Part 1: Maximizing Your Energy, Performance, & Longevity

In this video we discuss :

  • The importance of amino acids
  • How amino acids and protein are  related?
  • How much protein do you need each day?
  • Your protein requirements as you age

Part 2: All Proteins Are NOT Equal

In this video we discuss:

  • What is the difference between the TYPES of protein you are eating.
  • Muscle meat, whey, essential amino acids what does your body need?
  • Can you be vegan and still get the protein you need?
  • Osteoporosis and amino acids

Part 3: Environmental Toxins and Your Health

In this video we discuss:

  • Environmental toxins in today’s society
  • Endocrine disrupting chemicals
  • Organic vs non-organic foods
  • Depression

Part 4: EMF Exposure

In this video we discuss:

  • How do your cells work?
  • Electronics in your bedroom
  • Blue blocking glasses

Part 5: Optimizing Your Health with Hormones and More

In this video we discuss:

  • Epidemic of low testosterone
  • Hormone treatments for cancer patients
  • Testosterone with heart disease
  • Root Canals
  • Positive Outlook

Part 6: VSELS – Very Small Embryonic Like Cells

In this video we discuss:

  • What are VSELS?
  • VSELS are your own cells
  • How to increase your own  VSELS
  • Patient successes with VSELS
  • Dr. Minkoffs top recommendations for a healthy 2023