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The Value of Dental Health for Your Whole Body: OHR 500

There is no health without dental health.

A Message From Dr. Minkoff

There is no health without dental health.

There is no dental health with root canal teeth and mercury amalgam fillings.

There is no debate about this from my experience with tens of thousands of patients over the past 25 years.

Look at what came in this week…

“Dear Dr Minkoff,

Just wanted to say thanks for the reminder on this. My husband, Doug, finally began the removal of his 6 root canals at the end of last year. 3 molars, 3 front teeth. It’s expensive and time consuming but I am grateful that he finally is doing it. He hates spending the money when he doesn’t feel any different but with the amount of infection that gushed out and that the oral surgeon had to scrape from the bone was amazing. They scraped almost to the nasal cavity. Most amazing – he never felt sick or any pain.

I am so grateful for you talking to our little group so many years ago about dental health. You changed my dental health habits, and it made me encourage Doug to read Weston Price’s book on root canals.

A side note: Doug’s brother who is 18 months older than he is, just got a stage 4 colon and prostate cancer diagnosis a month ago. No pain, no indication –nothing. But he has root canals.

Feeling very grateful right now.

Thanks for all you do! You do save lives.



It’s very important to recognize that infected root canal teeth (they are ALL infected) are usually asymptomatic but they are festering with serious infections that leak out into the whole body. For more information watch the very important documentary at www.rootcausemovie.com

If you are not feeling well, come see us. We will refer you to a competent biological dentist who will help us restore your health and brighten your chances for a long and healthier life.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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