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Your Purpose & Your Health OHR #476

OHR 476

I ran across a newsletter that really got me thinking.

One of life’s great mysteries is why are we here?

With aging this question seems to have more and more significance.

If we are an accident, that’s inconceivable to me.

The big bang is a dumb idea. What made the material that could then bang?

Creation did happen.

An impulse was there that had a purpose.

If we were created, there must have been a reason.

This question has plagued philosophers forever.

This author cited below offers a perspective on this that for me was very enlightening.

We are part of a big universe that existed way before us. We are each miniscule parts of that enormous universe.

But for us to be here could not have been for no reason. Finding my reason gets me up every day and directs my energy.

So, I formulated my reason for being here. I realized that I am here to help others. That, as a spiritual being, I am one among many and suffering does exist in body, mind and spirit for all of us. Some of it we create and some of it seems to fall out of the sky with no ability to understand why it happened. Nevertheless, to help free others from this and to have our brief time in eternity to enjoy, create and love with as little pain and suffering as possible, gives me a purpose for my life.

Read this over and see how it affects you and please let me know what you find out.

Have a great week.

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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I would like to thank the staff and nurses, especially for taking such good care of all their patients.  My health has taken a 180 degree turn since coming to LifeWorks Wellness Center.  I’m almost halfway through my treatment plan and I’m feeling like a million bucks again.

How do you thank someone for giving you your life back?  The answer is you can’t!

The best I can do is share my journey with as many people as possible with the intent to inspire them to seek health care here!  My passage from a life of pain and despair has turned into one of inspiration and hope for a positive outcome.  The best is yet to come, I’m sure!  And my goal going forward is helping others in similar situations gain this opportunity. 

– Mage