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VIDEO: Knock Out Any Flu or Virus

The cold and flu season is coming. Are you prepared? In this video dr. Minkoff gives excellent advice on what to do to stop you and your family from getting sick!

The cold and flu season is coming. Are you prepared? In this video Dr. Minkoff gives excellent advice on what to do to stop you and your family from getting sick!

Knock out flu virus
Video Transcript

Hi guys, Dr. Minkoff here,

Hey it’s flu season and it’s coming and if you’ve walked by a pharmacy lately you were probably offered a free flu shot.

I have something that I like to give our patients and that I like to do myself because I think it’s clean,   it really works, it’s kind of a secret because hardly anybody does this.

I actually learned this from one of my  mentors Dr. Frank Shallenberger.

He got it from somebody else and I want to take you through it because it’s easy and you can do it and it can really save your butt from the flu this year, okay.

So, hydrogen peroxide is what the body uses  when it’s attacked by bacteria and viruses.

Our white blood cells actually produce hydrogen peroxide and that is what’s used to kill these things.

Now hydrogen peroxide is just water, H20 with one more oxygen added, so it’s H202, that’s what hydrogen peroxide is.

Now a virus really isn’t a living thing, it doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t take in nutrients, it doesn’t evacuate waste.

It is really just a piece of genetic material, DNA or RNA with a protein coat and that protein coat has little things on it that make it stick to different things.

If it’s a virus that affects your intestine that protein coat sticks to your intestinal lining.

If it’s a if it’s a if it’s a virus that affects your bronchial tubes or your lungs that protein coat will stick to those tissues.

And what happens is that the virus gets in you, you breathe it in or you eat it and that protein coat sticks to one of these membranes and those viruses go in that cell and they take over that cell and they force the cell to make more viruses, that’s how it works.

They’re not really alive, you can’t really kill them.

But once a cell is infected you can kill that cell so that it isn’t making more viruses because that’s what happens, okay.

Now the extra oxygen on the H202  does damage cells that are infected.

So if a cell is infected they can’t protect themselves with hydrogen from hydrogen peroxide.

Our healthy cells have a special thing on the outside so that we’re protected from hydrogen peroxide and it doesn’t hurt us.

So our cells are okay with it.

So this is really good because it’ll kill the guys that are infected and it won’t kill the good guys, which is what we want to do.

Now when you get dosed by someone, they cough on you, you you get it in you, you first start to feel like you’re getting it.

The earlier you hit this the better it is because then there aren’t very many infected cells and if you can wipe them out then you’re not going to have a long course with this.

If you’re five days into the flu then there are millions or  billions of cells that have already been infected,   there’s not much you can do, it’s just going to have to run its course.

So what we want to do is hydrogen peroxide.

Now this is available in offices like ours, we give intravenous hydrogen peroxide but it’s an IV treatment and it’s expensive and this is something that you can do at home, so that you don’t have to go to the doctor and get it.

What you do have to do is you have to go to the pharmacy or a store and buy a nebulizer.

Now a nebulizer takes a liquid and it makes it into a gas.

It makes the gas into tiny little particles so that when you breathe it in, if there things are small enough, the particles are small enough so that they will actually enter your mucous membranes and they’ll get into your lungs and into your chest.

And if you breathe them it’s good for colds and flus and sinusitis and bronchitis.

So with the nebulizer comes a mask you put the nebulizer, you plug it in, you put the hydrogen peroxide in a very special formula which I’ll tell you in a minute, into the nebulizer and you breathe it and it’s about ten minutes, okay.

Here’s a couple of websites which you can buy  these over the you can buy the nebulizers at, you can also get them at CVS, they’re available.

They can as low as $29, so this isn’t a big investment, okay.

Now the thing that you have to do is find a doctor who will make you a mixture of hydrogen peroxide in the correct proportion, okay and there’s a couple of websites,, these are places where doctors like myself, they do intravenous hydrogen peroxide they can  make the formula for you so that you can have it at home.

And the formula lasts three months in your refrigerator so if you spend fifteen or twenty bucks or 25 bucks for a for a bag of this stuff, it can keep for three months and you could have it on hand, so if you start to get the flu you boom you can treat yourself, okay.

So here’s the formula it’s a 250cc bag of normal saline and the doctor is going to add 5cc’s of pharmaceutical grade 3% hydrogen peroxide.

You cannot go to your local drugstore and buy food grade hydrogen peroxide and put it  in there and breathe it, it is not good for you, it is not purified enough for you to take as an inhaler, so you can’t do that.

Okay, you have to find someone that can get you pharmaceutical grade 3% percent hydrogen peroxide, you put 5cc’s in a bag of peroxide, you keep it in your  refrigerator, it’s good for three months.

Ok, now someone coughs on you, you go to a party, you’re on a flight it’s like oh no I’m afraid they got me, okay.

So as soon as you feel it coming on, you go home, you put 3cc’s so you have 250 you have a lot of doses here, okay.

Three into 250 is a lot of doses.

You put 3cc’s into the nebulizer you put it over your mouth, you breathe it until it’s gone, it takes about ten minutes.

And you do it every hour that you’re awake for the  first couple days and then four to six times a day after that until you’re better.

Okay. It’s super easy, just breathe it in, ten minutes you’re done.

Now if you have chronic Lyme disease, it’s also  good for that, this is safe to do in children,   this is very safe treatment, it won’t hurt you.

It doesn’t interact with medications, it’s completely safe to do it.

Now if you want to double whammy you can also from your nebulizer nebulize Argentyn 23 or sovereign silver.

Now this is Argentyn 23.

Sovereign silver you can buy in most health food stores.

It is a purified homeopathic version of silver.

You can put 3cc’s of this in the nebulizer it will aerosolize it and you can breathe it in and this combination of silver and peroxide is really a double whammy, it’s a one-two punch, it will kill most viruses.

Okay and for people with sinusitis it probably will kill some bacteria too.

So these are things that you can do at home and they’re really easy.

Now there’s a couple other things I just want to add.

Inflam-Arrest is a is a mixture of three natural herbs that have antiviral properties, they have antibacterial properties and they’re anti-inflammatory.

Okay, because when these things these bugs get in you they create a lot of inflammation and a lot of mucus and a lot of the irritation that comes and this will help to calm that down.

So you can take this at the same time and it will help you.

Turmeric and Boswellia and ginger that’s what this is made out of.

Okay and it’s in a special formulation so it’s absorbed really well.

So that can be sort of an add-on if you start to feel it, is to take this.

There’s one more product from BodyHealth called Art Immune.

It’s actually wormwood oil in a very special blend that you take sublingually and it is antiviral and it is antibacterial and it is antifungal and this combination of stuff, do the peroxide, do these three other remedies, if you get it really early it should save you from the flu, from getting really sick, from losing work and from the whole thing, okay.

So just a tip for the coming flu season, it’s coming, this stuff is very safe, it really works and you got to anticipate it though.

So this stuff’s you got to have this, you got to have your hydrogen peroxide at home and you got to have your stuff all ready so if someone in your family gets sick, you can jump on it right away and you can save the whole family from getting it, okay.

Go out and get it right now.