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Video: The Connection Between Dentistry & Overall Wellness

Revitalizing your health: the connection between dentistry & overall wellness

Discover the often overlooked link between oral health and your overall well-being in this eye-opening video by Dr. Minkoff from LifeWorks Wellness Center.

Learn how poor teeth hygiene, root canals, and gum disease can contribute to health problems, and why collaboration between doctors and biological dentists is crucial for optimal results.

Explore the importance of tooth extraction when necessary, and explore the innovative solution of zirconium implants, a biocompatible alternative to titanium.

Uncover the transformative power of restoring your mouth’s health and its profound impact on your body’s wellness.

Take a step towards a healthier future today!

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Video Transcript

Okay, hi!

This is Dr. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Center.

Along the way I never thought that I would have to learn Dentistry or Biological Dentistry because the general rule is that doctors avoid the mouth and dentists avoid the body.

What I’ve learned is that 50% of the problems that we see in bodies is coming from the mouth.

And those problems have to do with poor teeth  hygiene, with root canals, with gum disease and that complementing us are dentists who understand  the same thing and between the two of us we can get the bodies better, when we’ve gotten the mouth  better.

Now sometimes people have had dental work done where the teeth aren’t any good and they got  to go.

So if the tooth is dead, if the tooth is infected, if a procedure called a root canal has  been done on a tooth these are all incompatible with good health and so sometimes these teeth need to be pulled.

Now I hate to pull teeth but a dead infected tooth is worse than no tooth and they just have to be pulled.

So these teeth are a liability to the person and they have to go.

So now the, now the problem is you have to have teeth and what do we do about those teeth?

Now  sometimes the dentist can do bridges, so if one’s missing he can bridge the two on either side, that’s fine.

Sometimes he can put in a partial so that the gap is fixed and that can be okay.

And sometimes the dentist has to do implants and implants are basically a screw that’s put into the jawbone and then you can anchor a tooth to it and it can function as a tooth.

Most implants that are done are made out of titanium.

Titanium is a metal, it conducts electricity and we’re in an electrical world right now, like there’s electrical Wi-Fi everywhere and sometimes those titaniums pick up that vibration and they can have a negative influence on the  body.

There is a newer version of an implant which is called zirconium and zirconium is like glass,  it’s not metallic, it doesn’t conduct electricity and the zir… and they you know they make  diamonds out of zirconium, the fake diamonds can be made out of zirconium.

It’s very hard, it’s very durable and it’s not electrical conducting.

And so the biological dentist that we generally refer to use these zirconium implants and they have long duration they last really well.

They can be put in and then you can get a crown that’s put on top of them and they can function well as teeth.

So I leave the dentistry and that part of it to the dentist but we found that people who get their bad teeth out and then new teeth in with the zirconium implants, they do just great and the body is very compatible.

Titanium or the zirconium is non-reactive to the body, it doesn’t accumulate anything, it’s inert, it just stays there and so it seems to be very safe and when we do energetic testing on the body, the body seem to be fine with it, they don’t they don’t have any problem with it.

So if you need Dentistry done there are a few really good biological dentists, we work with them here in Clearwater and they will if you need an implant uh they will do a zirconium implant on you and you can rest assured and be comfortable that this is a good solution so that you have teeth, you can chew.

You need teeth, you got to be able to chew.

You want a nice  cosmetic effect and uh implants with zirconium are a really good solution.

So I advise people to do that and um then they get their mouth health back and with their mouth health back, they get their body health back. Hope this helps.