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Little girl doing a painting in class

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

I am so grateful that you chose to transition from traditional medicine to natural medicine.

If it weren’t for you my 2 year old daughter who was always sick, on antibiotics so much that they stopped working for her, and not sleeping through the night because she would stop breathing would have resulted in her going under anesthesia to have her tonsils removed. Only to discover that her health would have continued to deteriorate due to her vitamin D deficiency, low white blood count, leaky gut, too low cholesterol and food allergies.

Just days after seeing you for the first time and implementing your prescribed program her health improved, a week later we saw further improvement and a month later she was nearly back to normal. She was no longer sick, she was breathing continuously in the night, the color of her skin was brighter, she was eating more and gaining weight.

Your prescription and our implementation changed the fate of our little girl. What better gift could you give? Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very warmly,

B. and D. P.