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Memory Loss Treatment

.The underlying factors for memory loss can be treated naturally at LifeWorks

What is Memory Loss

Memory loss is commonly thought of as an aging issue. So called “senior moments” are brushed off as a normal part of the aging process. But is this normal and is there anything that can be done to preserve (and improve) your memory and congnitive function?

60% of U.S. adults say they are either very or somewhat concerned about memory loss and that’s understandable. Our memories are an integral part of our personal identity.

Most anyone has had a forgetful moment and this is not abnormal or anything to be concerned about. But if you are experiencing these types of moments more frequently, you could be facing mild cognitive impairment. Mild cognitive impairment is a slight decline in congnitive function, that increases your risk of development more serious ailments, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Memory Loss Facts

Did you know?

  • Every 3 seconds someone gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia
  • Dementia starts in the brain 30 to 50 years before symptoms appea
  • Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death
  • The average burden on families dealing with late-stage dementia is $300,000
  • 46+ million people are losing their minds (this will double every 20 years)
  • The “silent epidemic” of early-onset dementia is on the rise

Symptoms of Memory Loss

  • mental changes that interfere with your ability to function or live independently’
  • frequently forgetting words or names
  • failure to recognize faces or familiar objects
  • forgetting recent or notable events
  • repeating stories, sentences or phrases during conversation
  • asking the same question over and over
  • getting disoriented in places which should be familiar
  • denying a memory issue exists or getting angry when others mention it
  • inability to recall a time when a memory issue caused a problem
  • if you can recall a time when a memory issue caused a problem, that’s actually a better sign
  • problems performing normal day to day activities, like shopping, paying bills or personal hygiene
  • exhibiting poor judgement
  • exhibiiing inappropriate social behaviors
  • personality changes
  • loss of interest in previous hobbies or interests
  • memory lapses that put yourself or other in danger, like leaving the stove on

Common Causes for Memory Loss

While no two people are alike, we’ve observed some common causes for declining memory and have worked with patients at resolving the underlying causes

One of the key underlying factors is inflammation and this can be caused by any of the following:

  • poor diet
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • food allergens
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • long-term exposure to aluminum can increase your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%. It is a major ingredient in antiperspirants!
  • mold exposure
  • underlying, undetected chronic infections
  • undetected Lyme disease
  • poor quality sleep and lack of adequate recuperation
  • certain prescription medications (examples:  Paxil, Tagamet, certain bladder meds & cold or allergy medications)
  • Alcohol, drug or tobacco use
  • emotional issues, like depression, stress, anxiety and grief
  • head injuries
  • stroke
  • certain medical procedures (heart surgery & anesthesia have been linked to memory loss)
  • kidney disorders
  • thyroid problems
  • menopause
  • and many other causes
Alzheimers epidemic video

Self Care for Memory Loss

There are a number of things you can do for yourself to start working on improving your memory.  We recommend checking with your doctor before implementing any of these ideas.

  • Prescription Medications – work with your doctor or with us on a plan to eliminate them
  • Paleo or Ketogenic Diet – focus on an all natural diet with fresh fruits, organic meats and lot of veggies
  • Eat Fish – go for the lowest mercury fish, like sardines and salmon
  • Eat Fat – your brain is made of fat and it is a great brain fuel
  • Avoid high intake of grains – too much grain intake is not good for you!
  • Improve your sleep – resolve whatever is preventing a great night’s sleep each night
  • Eliminate Toxins – throw out the aluminum pans, toxic cleansers & cleaning products, anitperspirents with aluminum and non-stick pans for starters.
  • Infrared Sauna – taking a sauna several times per week can help detox. Do under the supervision/approval of your doctor.
  • Exercise – get a cardiovascular workout, walk and lift some weights. Target exercise 5-7 days per week, 30 min per day
  • Sunshine – get outside into fresh air and sunshine. Vitamin D is important for overall health.
  • Socialize – join a group or start one. Being socially active is important for your health and wellbeing

We Treat Memory Loss Issues

If you are having memory loss issues that are bothering you or you are having friends or family comment to you about your forgetfulness or cognitive changes, it might be time to see a specialist in natural healing who can help you get to the bottom of things. We use non-invasive treatment and all natural approaches.

We have patients travel from all over the world to our offices in Clearwater, FL where we offer the widest range of natural health treatments available in the U.S.

Call (727) 466-6789 today and speak with one of our knowledgable patient coordinators who can answer questions and help figure out your next step. Or feel free to submit an online inquiry.