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Dr. Minkoff and Jay Campbell on TOT Revolution

Amino Acid Utilization & Why Most Recommended Protein Foods Aren’t Good Enough

Watch this interview between Dr. Minkoff and Jay Campbell on TOT Revolution.
Everybody in the health world talks about the importance of protein, but it still remains grossly misunderstood.

What is amino acid utilization, and what does it mean for us? What are the best foods for amino acid utilization?

What happens when you don’t get enough essential amino acids as it relates to protein turnover, healing, anabolism effect with training?

On this episode, I’m joined by legendary physician, author and founder of LifeWorks Medical Center, BodyHealth, and PerfectAmino, Dr. David Minkoff, who shares the truth about protein we all should know about.

We need healthy food and supplements so we can change the trend of society and the planet to save us from extinction.

-Dr. David Minkoff

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