Testimonials About Our Doctors and Staff

Ryan’s LifeWorks’ Success Story*

Marcy’s lifeworks success story

I can’t say enough great things about the staff here at LifeWorks!! Everyone makes you feel good during a time when you are really down. The IV room rocks – Angel has a great style and always has a positive attitude. Wanda is patient and makes you feel welcomed. Neionie is always smiling, caring and works her butt off!! I think they all deserve a good raise. You really look forward to seeing them each day.
Lisa does awesome work too even though she really messes with your diet for 25 hours. Amelia loves her work and it shows. Shawn goes above and beyond to make you feel very comfortable. Jennifer and Sue are great care givers. Dr. Minkoff is the coolest doctor I have ever met. Thank you to everyone for giving the best care and getting me well again.

– Ryan. H.