Testimonials About Our Doctors and Staff

I wasn’t a crazy menopausal woman!*

It wasn't menopause!

I came to you after seeing 17 doctors. Everyone was a blind alley. All they did was give me medication after medication while I slowly but surely went downhill.  I was so tired that I could not hardly get out of bed. This was not me and I knew it.  After a while no one would believe I was anything but a crazy menopausal woman. They tried psych drugs and that made things worse.

But you didn’t do that. You listened to me. You spent over an hour with me. You told me you wanted to help me. That’s the first time any doctor had said that to me. Then your detailed exam was astounding. You found so many things wrong and then when you showed me my blood on the microscope I could see myself that things weren’t right. With your help I am getting better. The IV’s are like liquid energy going into my body. It loves them. Your staff could not be better. You gave me hope from the first visit. Now I know that what you are doing is going to get me well.

Thank you so, so much.