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Patient Testimonials*

Major authohemotherapy success. We offer matt therapy

Lifeworks Wellness Center saved my life. I was very sick and a train wreck. My thyroid, my parathyroid and my adrenals were all not functioning. I was very sick and tired.

After treatment, I became a new woman with health and lots of energy. I’m 60 and I feel like I am 25. My doctor balanced my body and supported my thyroid with natural supplements.

He also solved my problem because I had mono and he fixed that all naturally, too. I’ll be bringing my husband and daughter to see him.

I’m a new, healthy woman and thank God for finding him.

– Sandy. K.

Thank you for being a big part of Idelle’s ‘road to recovery’ and good health. You have been very inspiring in your treatment methods, which we will utilize through our lives.

Your staff were wonderful, caring and made IV treatments fun times rather than scary times.

We hope to come and visit you in the near future.

The R family.

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING! From the moment we met, I could tell that you were different from other doctors. Your calm and comforting demeanor assured me that I was in very good hands. Thank you for your patience with all of my questions and the clarity in your explanations.

I feel healthy and strong for the first time in 10 years. I almost can’t believe it. I wake up in the morning with energy and that is something that hasn’t happened since high school. I really do not know how to thank you.


Jennifer. M.