Testimonials About Our Doctors and Staff

Clinic Testimonials*

Everyone is so nice at the walk in clinic. It looks as though all staff love working here.

“I had a wonderful experience at LifeWorks. I was in and out with my medication in hand in less than 45 minutes. Now I can get back to enjoying my vacation. Thank you very much, LifeWorks.” – D.P.

“Service was excellent from reception to the doctor’s exam. The front desk personnel were very helpful and the doctor was a very attentive listener, quickly diagnosing my problem. I will return again if I am in the area.” – T.M.

“I’ve had wonderful care and compassion from your staff. It’s been an eye-opening experience to have had medical attention that is so thorough and understanding. Thank you so much.” – M.D.

“I have been very impressed with the ‘family-friendly’ atmosphere of the clinic. Everyone is so nice all care about you! It looks as though all staff love working here. I have never recovered this fast from any illness; the treatments were great and really helped me get back on my feet. You all have a special place here, a ‘little pocket of sanity and health.’ Thanks.” – C.R.

We’re getting such good communication. It’s more and more a pleasure to go “to the doctor”! – K.K.