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Video: Alzheimer’s Epidemic – Uncovering the Truth & Taking Control

Alzheimer's epidemic: uncovering the truth & taking control

Join Dr. Minkoff as he sheds light on the alarming rise of Alzheimer’s disease among younger individuals and unveils the environmental factors that may be contributing to this epidemic.

Discover the shortcomings of standard neurological therapy and explore potential solutions that can help improve lives and offer hope.

Don’t miss this eye-opening discussion on the “Big A” nobody wants to hear about!

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Watch Alzheimer’s Epidemic: Uncovering the Truth & Taking Control

Alzheimers epidemic video
Video Transcript

Hi, Dr. Minkoff here. I want to talk to you about Alzheimer’s disease.

Now it used to be that someone would have cancer and they’d say “The Big C” because you didn’t want us, you didn’t want to hear it but you could call Alzheimer’s “The Big A” because no one wants to hear it.

Now we are in the middle of an Alzheimer’s epidemic you may have noticed that younger and younger people are showing mental incompetence.

Incompetences in the sense of they can’t remember things, they can’t perform daily functions.

It starts with you walk in a room and you wonder why you went there or you are always fine driving home from work and now you get in the car and you’re like I’m not sure where I’m going.

And that can extend out to the point where people really have trouble functioning and this is very scary.

So I want to address this because the standard neurological therapy, you go to a neurologist, he’s a specialist in nerves and nervous diseases and there aren’t any pharmaceutical remedies known as of this point today that do anything for Alzheimer’s disease, they just don’t help.

It doesn’t mean that people aren’t looking for them, more power to it.

But we, what we find is that Alzheimer’s disease is not an accident and there are things that are occurring in the environment which are poisoning us leading up to this and if you can debug those and it’s not too late in the person where they they’ve gotten so much damage that it can’t be reversed, we can often help people really improve their lives and get better.

Hope this helps.