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VIDEO: PCUVBI Therapy to Energize Cells, Boost Immunity & Target Cancer Naturally

Pcuvbi therapy: energize cells, boost immunity, & target cancer naturally

Revitalize your cells, enhance immunity, and combat cancer naturally with PCUVBI Therapy.

Discover how ozone, ultraviolet light, and methylene blue work together to energize your body and activate immune proteins.

Experience the transformative power of this unique treatment at Dr. Minkoff’s LifeWorks Wellness Center.

Watch now to learn more.

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PCUVBI Video Transcript

Hi it’s Dr Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Center.

We have a therapy that we do here that isn’t very common across the United States or even the world and we call it PCUVBI.

I want to unpack all the letters but here’s the basic idea.

Ozone is a natural cancer killer, bacteria fungus killer and at the same time ozone energizes healthy cells.

So we typically treat people with ozone and we take out some of their blood, we add the ozone to their blood and we put their blood back in. Now when you take the blood out it can be done with a syringe or sometimes an IV and it empties into an empty bag and when the blood comes out it’s blood that’s has the oxygen taken out, it’s venous blood.

You know if you take the blood coming right out of the heart or artery blood it’s bright red because it’s gone through the lungs, it’s gotten oxygenated and it’s bright red.

But when you take blood from a vein it’s dark red because the oxygen is pretty much out of it.

Now if you take that blood out, add ozone which is a form of oxygen, it’s like three oxygens together, so it’s like triple strength oxygen and you add it to the blood, the blood turns bright red.

It’s beautiful bright red.

Now if you take that blood then and you run it through a machine where it’s exposed to ultraviolet and six different wavelengths of light, you can get proteins in the blood activated, immune proteins in the blood that are activated and they and your immune system beefs up and it gets stronger.

So if you have cancer cells or Lyme disease or other stuff, your immune system now is like real strong. If we give people methylene blue, we use it common in the clinic and you’ll see patients sitting there hooked up to this IV pole, the blood the bright red blood is now running through this machine, you can see the lights from the outside, it comes out the machine, it comes into your body and as the blood is running through your veins there are light banks that are on your wrists that then put several uh ultraviolet and red lights to expose the methylene blue that’s in the blood and it turns these things on.

So it’s energizing and it’s killing at the same time.

Now there are some people who have developed uh they look like wrist watches but they’re colored lights. My wife has one of these and she loves it. So she takes a dose of methylene blue and then she puts the wristband on and she’ll walk around on it for a couple hours, she says wow wow like like it’s really…it’s energizing and this these aren’t even drugs, these are like natural things and what it’s doing is it’s allowing your body to use the oxygen that you breathe way better.

It makes it way more efficient and there’s a little bit more detail to this that I can talk about.

So inside every cell there are little factories called mitochondria and mitochondria take the oxygen that we breathe and the food that we eat and turn it into energy.

Many of us have mitochondria that aren’t functioning at 100%.

So if you have fatigue or liver dysfunction or you can’t remember things or you have heart failure, your mitochondria are not functioning right.

That is the like the bottom line on what’s wrong with all disease, the mitochondria aren’t functioning, the body can’t make energy.

Bodies that can make energy are healthy and they’re vibrant but if they can’t make energy they’re not.

Now in the mitochondria there is this step one, step two, step three, step four where the food gets the energy pulled off of it and oxygen is required during that process.

And what we find is in people who have mitochondria that aren’t functioning quite right, these four stations aren’t working quite right.

And what’s so interesting about methylene blue is that if it’s sitting there on the outside it can pick the energy particle up here, move it all the way to the end, so if these aren’t quite right the the methylene blue is like a bypass and you get the energy anyway.

That’s why in so many people they feel the positive effect from it because it makes all their cells work better and uh then they have more energy and then they can do better and whatever they’re trying to do, whatever performance they’re trying to be, which is just live uh it works better.

The major defect in cancer is that these mitochondria don’t work.

So to some extent when you add methylene blue one effect is it attacks cancer cells.

The other effect it is that if you have malfunctioning mitochondria the methylene blue can get them functioning better and you may bring cells back that would turn cancerous and then they don’t turn cancerous anymore. So PCUVBI is a great treatment.

We deliver it here at the clinic you know probably 20 times a day to different kinds of people and it’s available and I wanted you to know about it.

Okay, hope this helps.