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Video: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue-Restoring Energy & Vitality

Overcoming chronic fatigue - restoring energy and vitality video

Join Dr. Minkoff from LifeWorks Wellness Center as he sheds light on the mysteries of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome.

Discover the underlying causes, including cellular energy deficiencies and toxic exposure, and learn how a comprehensive approach focusing on nutrition, detoxification, and hormone balance can help restore your energy levels.

Say goodbye to brain fog and fatigue as you reclaim your vitality and embark on a journey towards optimal health.

Watch now to find out how chronic fatigue can be overcome with the right strategies and treatments.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Video

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Hi, this is Dr. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Center.

I want to talk to you today about chronic fatigue.

Now there’s actually a diagnosis code for chronic fatigue syndrome, whatever that means.

People who have chronic fatigue are fatigued.

They feel bad, they sleep too much, they don’t have energy.

They use…it’s usually accompanied by brain fog and inability to sort of move or get get things done.

Now if we track this back, at some point before that person got chronic fatigue they didn’t have chronic fatigue.

So we throw out any idea that this is genetic, familial, anything like that.

If we look at it, people who have fatigue can’t generate their cells to have enough energy.

So we have a body with a hundred trillion cells but the individual unit of the body is a single cell.

And if that cell can’t make energy and the way it makes energy is it takes oxygen that we breathe and food that we eat and it has to turn it into chemical energy so that that cell, if it’s a liver cell can make proteins, detoxify, do its job.

And you get too many of these cells that can’t do their job, you got illness or you’ve got symptoms or you’ve got somebody that doesn’t feel bad and you got you can have chronic fatigue.

Why isn’t the cell making energy?

Two reasons. It’s missing things that it has to have to make energy.

B vitamins, CoQ10, amino acids, it’s missing critical things so that the machinery in that cell that makes the energy can’t do it.

The other half of this is that the cell is poisoned to the extent that it can’t do it.

In the little factory, in the mitochondria where it has to make energy, the cell’s poisoned and it could be any number of chemicals or pesticides or heavy metals and the cell is poisoned.

And so all people with chronic fatigue have both things.

They have poison cells and they have lack of nutrients. And when we look at someone with chronic fatigue that’s what we look at.

Do big panels…what nutrients are you missing? There’s 84 things in the body that are needed, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, which ones are you missing?

Okay we got to put those back in, okay and then panels of what toxins do you have and infections because infection can be a big part of this too.

What chronic infections do you have?

And then we find what those are and we treat those and then what happens is that these cells start to wake up.

The other part of this is hormones are a very big part of this, especially thyroid hormone.

So you have a test that’s only available in probably 25 places around the United States, we call it bio-energy.

Now bio-energy is actually a measurement of how well your body is able to make energy and it’s reflected in how much oxygen can your body use because if you can take in oxygen and your body uses it to make energy, you’re good.

If you take in oxygen and your body can’t use it to make energy, you’re bad.

So we can actually put someone, we can measure the the gases that they inhale and exhale and if they’re fit enough put them on a little exercise and see where are they and it’s no wonder someone who’s got chronic fatigue, can’t get out of bed and walk to the bathroom because they’re so exhausted is because their body can’t make energy, it can’t make and utilize energy.

And it might be that they have low thyroid hormone and these five toxins and these deficiencies and if we put this thing back together, what we start to see is oh oh yeah it’s better.

You know you take someone who’s not very fit and you exercise them and you feed them right and they get fitter.

You take someone who can’t get off the couch or who can’t think or can’t even watch a movie or can’t read a page out of a book because they can’t compute or follow a conversation, it’s the mitochondria in their brain, they’re not working, not working, they’re not making energy.

So health is being able to make energy and you know you like to be around people who have vitality because their bodies make energy, like they make energy, you can feel it from them.

One of the most interesting things I find because now I’ve developed a special sense it’s like a sensor of where is this person’s ability to make energy and people come in and I can tell by looking at them, like is their space negative?

Is there like like like everything is so gray and dull that when I look at them I can see well they’re gray and dull.

And this happened to me yesterday because I saw a woman, she’s got very complicated illness and she’s been going through her challenges with doing the treatments and yesterday she came in and I said it’s working. I could see it.

There was light coming out of her face, she was like there and I said I see it, can you feel it? She said I’m not sure.

I said it’s there, we are on the right track, it’s working and then we took a stick of her blood and her blood was like way better, like it’s working, we just got to keep going. And that means that the cells are now waking up, they’re starting to produce energy and the chronic fatigue and the things that go with it go away.

So this is a treatable condition and it’s not treated by psych drugs okay, it just isn’t.

They don’t do anything and it’s not treated with Vyvanse and Adderall.

These are…these are speed, you know, these are amphetamines and any doctor that’s given anybody amphetamines is not doing a good job, it’s not the right way to do it.

Because now you got a cell that can’t produce energy and what you’re doing is you just whip whip whip and that just causes damage to the cell.

So you have to get the cell to heal, then it can produce energy and it’s not done with those kind of drugs.

So we have people coming in with them all the time and they can’t just stop the drugs but as we get these cells to heal, we start to take those drugs off so that cell can actually do the right thing.

And if you’re doing uh I swim with a guy and he has nine cups of coffee by 12 o’clock. I said man that’s not right, you’re going to burn yourself out.

I don’t have anything against coffee but that’s too much you know, like something’s missing in that system and you’ve got to fix that system and then the energy will come back naturally.

And methylene blue is one of the things that can really help this so we often do this with people.

So chronic fatigue is generally a solvable problem and it can…we can improve the health of that person and get their energy and vitality back and then as long as they keep a reasonable lifestyle, like you do have to sleep and you do have to eat good food and you do have to get some sunshine and you do have to get some exercise and when you get to the point where you could do that stuff you can keep your health in and it can last for a long time, okay.

So that’s chronic fatigue and uh we’ve got it nailed.

Hope this helps.