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Detoxing Your Body in a Toxic World – OHR #434

Detoxing your body in a toxic world

While life now is infinitely better in some ways than 100 years ago, some of our progress has come with a price.

  • Cancer death rates were 2% from autopsy data and now they are almost 10x that.
  • Autism was unheard of, now it afflicts 30 or 40% of males in the U.S.
  • All food was organic without chemicals. Now there are 80,000 that we are exposed to daily.
  • Medical treatments were herbal or homeopathic based, now tens of thousands of people die annually from drug based therapies.
  • Well water was pure and wholesome, now toxic chloramines and fluorides are added to our drinking water whether we want them or not.
  • Fish has been a staple for thousands of years, now the ocean is full of chemicals, plastics and heavy metals like mercury and the fish are contaminated with the same poisons.
  • Molds predate our existence on the planet, yet now millions suffer from mold toxicity illness.

I am not a not a doom and gloom guy, but ignoring what is happening is not a good strategy for a long healthy life.

There are only a few causes of ALL illnesses besides whatever genes you have inherited. These are TOXINS/INFECTIONS AND NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES. The structure of your spine may also be a big factor.

To thrive on our now toxic planet, one must avoid toxins, and work to get them out of the body and take nutritional supplementation to keep the body in good enough shape to carry on its metabolism and detox processes.

Anyone serious about being healthy must do at least an annual check for environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies. ONLY then will you know what you must do to unburden your body. These toxics are so prevalent that NO ONE is escaping them.

They are the cause of GI problems, hormone abnormalities, fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety and depression, autoimmune disease and for sure CANCER.

I implore you to make an appointment with us so you can get fixed before you know your broken. Once you’ve had the heart attack or stroke or cancer diagnosis then the chances of living a long healthy life are in doubt.

Have a great week and call us today so a thorough evaluation can be done.

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

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