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Video: Allergy Elimination Treatment

Allergy elimination treatment helps you to discover the foods you are allergic to.

Allergy Elimination Treatment provides allergy help by first determining which substances your body is sensitive to, and systematically desensitizes the body to each one.

AET utilizes the wisdom of Eastern medicine’s understanding of acupressure points, and Western medicine’s development of kinesiology, which uses gentle muscle testing to monitor information about a person’s nervous and immune systems. It is a painless technique that uses no needles or drugs.

Hi! This is Dr. Minkoff, LifeWorks Wellness Center.

Today I want to talk to you about something that we call AET… Allergy Elimination Treatment.

Now I first learned about this treatment about 23 years ago.

I went to Los Angeles and I did a course by a woman named Devi Nambudripad and Devi was an acupuncturist and an RN and she had tremendous numbers of food sensitivities.
And she had a little baby that she was nursing but even if she gave the little baby, who was now like four or five months old, she was starting to give the baby some carrots and Devi was allergic to carrots. She found that when she gave her the carrots, if she even got a little bit on her skin or she smelled a little bit of it, she would get one of these allergic reactions where she’d get a rash or she’d get asthma, I don’t remember exactly what happened but she got …

she had a real reaction to it okay and she didn’t know what to do about it.

Now she’s an acupuncturist and one day by accident,

right after she had the exposure of these carrots or spinach whatever it was the thing that she was allergic to, her husband who was also an acupuncturist, did an acupuncture treatment on her and she noticed that the next day when she was going to feed her baby, like very carefully so the stuff didn’t spill on her and wearing a mask so she didn’t spit so she didn’t smell it, that by accident it did fall on her and that she didn’t get a reaction and she started to wonder what actually occurred that I’m not now allergic to it when I was so allergic to it before.

And she then worked out a system where you could use the principles of acupuncture but not having to use needles, where you could actually desensitize someone to something that they were sensitive or allergic to. So I got very interested at that time and I went out and I did the course that she did for doctors and health professionals.

And at the time when I went out there I was allergic to eggs. If I would eat an egg, I would get a rash on my face and I would get a stomach ache. And I could avoid eggs for a few months and then if I ate eggs again I got the same reaction. So I’m at the course and we’re you know we’re drilling with each other, the doctors that were there. You know that once we learned how to do it, I would get a treatment and then I would do a treatment on somebody else. So I said I wanted to get treated to eggs because I actually want to see if this really works or is just this another thing that doesn’t work. So I got treated to eggs.

Now that was a Friday afternoon and the course was done on Saturday night and one of the principles of this thing is that once you’ve been treated for something you have to avoid it for 25 hours, so no exposure to eggs for 25 hours.

So after the treatment on Friday I didn’t have any eggs for dinner, I didn’t have any eggs for breakfast, I didn’t have any eggs for lunch and then the course was over and a group of us were going to go have dinner somewhere and everybody was trying to see where we should go and I said I want to go someplace where I can get some eggs because it’ll be 25 hours and I want to see if this actually works.

So we went to a fancy steakhouse this was in Newport Beach and when we walked in I said to the chef or the waiter, can you just make me like an omelet and I’ll have that with the rest of my dinner. He said sure we can do that. So I ate an omelet, a three egg omelet and I didn’t get a red face and I didn’t get a stomachache and that’s 23 years ago and I’ve been eating eggs ever since and I eat eggs almost every day at least four or five times a week and I get no reaction.

Now that sold me. That was like holy smokes, this is really amazing. So I came home. I had had, I had been working with a patient who had, in a wheelchair, wasn’t able to use one leg at all, had no sensation in her feet. She had the use of one arm. She had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I had been working with her for some months because I thought that she was actually just had a very high toxin load, she had grown up in England and the farm that she grew up on was right next to a pesticide manufacturing factory, and I was detecting that there were a lot of pesticides in her body and I thought that these had traumatized her nervous system and caused all this paralysis. Honestly the treatments that I was doing with her were not doing very much.

I was very frustrated.

So when she came back in the next day which is right when I got home from Newport from the course, I said to her I’ve got a new treatment I want to try it on you, let’s see what happens, she said sure.

Now the first, there’s a series, there’s a way that this is done but the first thing that you check the person for is calcium and she showed a reaction to calcium. So I had her hold a vial that had calcium in it and I did the treatment on her which, which was a… it’s a you, you use a vibrator on certain acupuncture points on the body and there’s certain breathing that the person does at the same time. So the first thing that you do, is you go down both sides of the spine and you do it three times with the vibrator and with her breathing a certain way and she’s just holding a vial in her hand. On the second time through now she’s sitting in a wheelchair and she’s just leaning forward and I’m leaning over her and I’m doing these treatments, at the time it was an activator, a chiropractor activator, so you
punch it punch it punch it punch it use your thumb and the thing goes boom boom boom boom, doesn’t hurt.
About halfway through she leans over her body with her one arm that she could use, reaches under her leg and starts to scream. Scared me to death. I said what’s wrong? She said it feels like I’ve got a hot poker going through my leg. Now what you’re supposed to do if you get a reaction like this, I’ve never seen a reaction like this in my life, since… my first patient remember, is you’re supposed to keep going because if something turned on a reaction if you keep doing it the reaction will eventually turn off and that’s what happened. Took 45 minutes. I couldn’t even push the thing with my thumb anymore. I was holding with the other hand I was going like this and then I was using my body because my thumbs were both burned out.

All of a sudden she leans back in the chair, she’s in a sweat, I’m in a sweat….(giggling)

holy cow. I said I want you to call me tomorrow, let me know you’re okay. Now she was living in a board and care facility, she had no telephone

and we couldn’t reach her the next day, she didn’t call. We couldn’t reach her the next day, she didn’t call. Six days we didn’t reach her. On the seventh day she shows up at the office.

I said I’ve been worried sick about you, where have you been, why haven’t you called, like you know I was really concerned.

She says well it’s really weird, it was really weird and it scared me and I didn’t know what to do about it so I just decided to stay home. Okay so what happened? She says well the next day I’m in the wheelchair, I’m in the shower okay and the pavement in the shower was kind of roughed up so the wheelchairs didn’t slip, so it’s cement and it was kind of you know gritty and she said my foot with no sensation is sitting on the thing and she says I feel like I can feel something, like something changed. And over the week she started to get movement back in her foot and sensation back in her foot.

And I had her come back, she was still sensitive to the calcium. I redid the treatment. This time it took five minutes, no big reaction. In three weeks this woman was up walking with a cane. She did 15 steps in the office. She said I got to show you something. She comes in in the wheelchair, she pushes herself out of the wheelchair, she’s got a cane and in the hallway of our office I see her take 15 steps. Then she’s tired, we put the wheelchair back. By a couple of months she was actually able to, with a cane, leave her facility, get on a bus, go she got a job as a transcriptionist. She could use both hands and she just got better and better and better. Now that’s a miracle. It’s impossible. If you’re in medicine or if you’re a neurologist, it’s impossible. I know it’s impossible but I saw it and we documented it and I’ve seen reactions like that occur many many many many many times from doing this very simple treatment. So if you go online it’s We abbreviate it to Dr. Nambudripad would do a lot of psychological treatments with this we don’t believe that’s good or that works, so we do purely a physical treatment on foods and infections and substances and it’s amazing therapy. So if you got ordered AET usually what it is is we will test you for allergy or sensitivity on 15 different things. These are common things. Amino acids and iron and minerals and b vitamins and it’s surprising how many times people are sensitive to these things and they have no idea. When it’s in a food or it’s in a supplement and they get a reaction and these things aren’t poisons you shouldn’t be reacting to b vitamins or to iron or to calcium and it shouldn’t be causing a reaction in your body but sometimes that’s what happens and these things are largely correctable with this treatment and the treatment is really good. So that’s an overview of AET and it’s… it’s really good and it will help you and I hope this helps.

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