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Lyme Disease, Circulation & Sunshine: Optimum Health Report #354

Lyme Disease, Circulation & Sunshine: Optimum Health Report #354

Greetings all!

This video says it all. If you suffer from Lyme, Cancer, Mold, Chronic Fatigue or Autoimmune Illness we are the best in the world.

It's not me saying so, look at what Amanda says...

After years and years of struggle she's healed.

Call us and book an appointment. We can help.

Have a great week,

Dr. David I Minkoff, MD

Circulation Problems

The heart and blood vessels are collectively responsible for maintaining a continuous flow of blood through the body, known as the circulatory system. This provides all the body tissues with a regular supply of oxygen and nutrients, and carries away carbon dioxide and other waste products.

On its journey from the heart to the tissues, blood is forced along the arteries at high pressure. On the return journey through the veins back to the heart, it is at low pressure, kept moving by the muscles in the arms and legs compressing the walls of the veins and by valves in the veins preventing the blood from flowing backwards. Lack of exercise or a sedentary lifestyle may therefore contribute to circulatory problems.

Poor circulation results from an abnormal narrowing, widening and thinning of the walls of arteries and veins. Symptoms of poor circulation can range from chest pains (heart attacks) and leg pains (peripheral vascular disease), to strokes. Poor circulation is particularly prevalent in those who are overweight or who drink too much alcohol. Heavy smokers are advised to quit because nicotine reduces the blood circulation in the skin.

If you are having a problem in this area, we can help you naturally at our Clearwater clinic. For an appointment or more information, call the New Patient Scheduler at (727) 466-6789.

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jen summer

"Good Day Sunshine"

Jennifer Baer A.R.N.P. will be hosting a Seminar at Nature's Food Patch.

Jennifer states, "Summer is the season for having fun in the sun! Florida is known for its amazing beaches and thousands of people will visit them over the next few months. Unfortunately, being out in the sun can also bring some unwanted health risks, like the threat of skin cancer."

At this seminar you will learn why skin cancer occurs and what natural treatments are available.

Seating is limited, so you will want to get there early.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 18th @ 6.30pm
WHERE: Nature's Food Patch 1225 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, FL 33755

natures food patch


Dr. Springer Talks About Natural Healthcare


Patient Testimonial

"I had bi-lateral knee replacement 7 years ago which left me pain free but with limited range of motion. I received injections to release the scar tissue on 5.21.18. Within 24 hours I was able to stoop down and bend my knees further than before. The scars themselves are smoother and my knees are no longer flat."

- Beverly

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*Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.

LifeWorks Accepts Care Credit
LifeWorks is happy to announce that we are now accepting CareCredit cards. For many people CareCredit can provide an easier way of financing you and your family’s healthcare needs*. For more information go to

*Subject to credit approval.


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       *Disclaimer: Individual patient results may vary based on a patient's medical history and other factors.


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