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Lyme / Parkinson’s Testimonial*

We offer alternative Lyme and Parkinson's therapies

LifeWorks is the clinic that saved my life.

I first went there as support for someone else. I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s by two neurologists. I had also endured chronic pain which had been attributed to depression. I had brain fog. My sleep was horrible. My digestion wasn’t working. I was slowly losing the left side of my body: shaking and falling. My left foot dragged. My hair was falling out, my eyes turned chicken fat yellow and ran moist.

I was declining and told there was nothing I could do with the exception of treating the symptoms with medication for quality of life.

Then came a turn in events…While keeping Sam company during his IV treatments for a dental infection at LifeWorks, I started hearing my symptoms being spoken by fellow patients in the room. It all sounded familiar….. Too familiar…

Sam encouraged me to see Dr. Minkoff and listen to what he has to say. I really didn’t have any positive expectations. My body had been so weak that I had gone as far as visiting some of my loved ones not knowing how much longer I would be able to travel. I had come to peace with my misdiagnosed condition, and was even quietly making my final arrangements as my body weakened.

Dr. Minkoff listened to my list of ailments and ordered every test: Saliva, urine, blood and stool. I was tested for amino acids, hormone levels, heavy metals, food allergies, Lyme disease. Lots of reports and changes. It turned out I had lead poisoning and Lyme disease.

I pulled my two root canal teeth leaving holes in my once perfect teeth. And then the unexpected: a monumental turn around. With treatment those ailments have begun to resolve. My “Parkinson’s” is disappearing as well as my “depression”. I am digesting food again. My Lyme is in remission. And the pain is gone WITHOUT PILLS. I’m not 100% yet. I am weak as a kitten and shake some. After all, I had been declining for quite a while so it is going to take a while to build back up. I’m definitely building, doing more and more each day.

I’m so happy with LifeWorks and Dr. Minkoff.

My goal of celebration is to learn how to run at the end of this recovery.

Thank you LifeWorks Wellness Center for giving me an unexpected future!!!


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