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Dear Dr. Minkoff,

I am writing this letter for my granddaughter, Ashlee. She was sick and every day getting more symptoms and feeling worse. She started going to doctors and getting nowhere. Test after test, countless doctors. Everything negative. They put her on a heart monitor twice, no result. They even suggested she see a head doctor because she was imagining her illness.

She was angry and depressed. She said she felt like she was dying. That was very scary for the family. She was sure she had Lyme disease. She was also pregnant. We were so happy and excited. Then she lost the baby. It was horrific.

She went online and heard from other people who also went through this. Your name and your center came up more and more. She called your office and the receptionist invited her to come in and talk to patients. She had her first consultation with you. She came home very happy and amazed with her session with you. She started her treatment, vitamins and diet.

She had her final consultation with you. She is now in remission and is healthier than she’s ever been. She is also 8 months pregnant with her son. We are all so happy and excited. Thanks to you and your treatment, Ashlee is great. You are saving so many lives. You are such a blessing. You and your staff are incredible. We are eternally grateful to you. God bless you and your family always. Layla is going to be a big sister.

Yours truly,

Rose M (Ashlee’s Grandma)

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