Heavy Metal Toxicity Testimonials

Chelation Therapy Testimonials*

Heart disease & chelation success stories

“I am very grateful to be getting this natural way to improve my circulation (Chelation Therapy) without any drugs or any need for bypass surgery!

I feel a whole lot better since I have been getting Chelation! I am no longer short of breath and can breathe easily. I no longer feel the fatigue and lethargic feelings I used to feel. I have increased energy and a good sense of physical well-being! I feel great! Thanks much! – L.L.”

Chelation Therapy

High cholesterol, heart disease, and poor circulation are common problems for many people.

Chelation Therapy has been used for over 30 years to treat these degenerative diseases using an intravenous infusion of a special protein called EDTA along with essential vitamins and minerals.

In effect, Chelation Therapy is a non-surgical treatment offered to improve circulation.

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