Testimonials About Our Doctors and Staff

Thank You For Getting The Poisons Out

Thank you dr. Minkoff, for getting the poisons out.

Dear Dr. Minkoff,

Thank you for fighting the establishment and society at large in the name of helping people in the greatest good for humanity.

I’m winning because of what you do and that I believe in you!

All of your efforts, hard work, studies, school, seminars and fighting the good fight was worth it.

Thank you for fighting the established wrong thinking of society and proving that people can heal.

Everything you’ve done all of these decades, getting to the place where you are was worth it.

Not only did you save my life and many others but you got us healthy too.

You helped us get the poisons out so that our bodies could work better.

You’re an amazing doctor and one of a kind!


Your Patient, Rachael

Testimonials About Our Doctors & Staff